Life Sciences


The Student representatives of the Faculty of Communication & Environment

Areas they could help

We want to make student life at our university a little bit easier. That includes several aspects. Here is a short overview:


  • Help with communication to professors

Contact us if you have a problem with a professor or module, we will try to help you!

  • Help you find the right contact person for your problem
    • Organize fun events – for example Trivia Night, Neon Party
    • Provide study rooms for exam preparation
  • Apply for Tutorials 
  • Suggest student candidates for committees like the Examination Board, DQV and Studienbeirat
  • Be in contact with the Dean of our Faculty, AStA and the other FSRs


How did we become FSR?

You elected us! The members of the FSR are elected annually. Elections are usually held in December. You did not know about this? That’s okay, we understand that there are many elections going on so you might have missed ours. But now you know! You will find information on the candidates prior to elections, so check them out and choose who you think can represent you best!

The Student Representatives of the Faculty of Life Sciences

Reach out & say hello!

If you have suggestions for fun or interesting events or any other input that you think would benefit the other students of our faculty, contact us! You like what we do and want to become a part of it? New members are always welcome! We can recruit you as a free member now and you can run for the next elections to become an official member of the FSR Life Sciences!


Let's get in touch

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