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Football tournament

Studying at a University is an exciting time filled with new experiences. At the same time you are facing yet unknown challenges: adapting to a new, different education system, adjusting to new surroundings, maybe leaving your parents and moving away from home to a new city or even country and making new friends – all accompanied by the wish and also the need to, more and more, grow independent and the pressure that comes with it. Mastering these challenges can be a fun, enriching experience but it can also lead to stress and other difficulties that may seem impossible to overcome on your own.


Closing Party

After a thrilling semester full of parties and other fun activities, we present you the Summer Semester Closing Party in collaboration with the FSRs and XLR8




Football tournament

HochschulSports and AStA sports are organising a Football Tournmant called nations cup!

It will take place on the 26th of May in Kellen (van-den-Bergh-Straße 51) and will begin around 10 am. So please be there with your team at 9:30.



No more WAR

On the 8th of May, 77 years ago, World War II ended. On the 9th of May 1950, the Schuman Declaration was signed, establishing the European Coal and Steel Community, a predecessor of the European Union we know today