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Here you will find information by our departments covering a wide range of concerns.

What do we do ?

Quick guide on some important tasks, for some of them you may need documents which you can find on the documents page. For any inconvenience you can contact the relevant departments or you can simply use the contact form and explain your issue.

Social Matters

Help you with different social problems from loans to finding housing

International matters

Help yo with visa issues and the culture shock here in Germany as an international

Legal Matters

If you face troubles with your landlord you can contact us to get a free first advisory session.

University Policy

Internal university matters and help with your exams

You are not alone,
we are together.

You can contact us for any question about student life and more, we are happy to help.


Financial support

The student body of the HSRW supports its students financially with the means at its disposal. On application, enrolled students can be granted interest-free loans following the social order (can be found on the university website).
They serve to bridge a financial emergency in the short term. A loan can only be granted for the following purposes:
                                     a) To finance tuition fees
                                     b) To finance health insurance contributions
                                     c) For the settlement of outstanding rent

Waive semester ticket

The semester fee must be paid within the re-registration deadline, regardless of
the reason for your request to waive the Regional and NRW Ticket Fee. If you have already
paid the full semester fee, you can request a refund of the overpaid amount once your fee
Waiver Request has been approved


Room booking

In case that you are planning an event on-campus, you have to forward the following information to your campus representative at least 5 weeks ahead of the respective event.
For bigger events (several dass or Mord than 50 participants), please get in touch with the Facility
Management and AStA for a meeting beforehand (bring concept & plan of the day).
Contact person:
KLEVE Frau Birgit Solberg , Tel. 02821/ 806739788, Mail:
KAMP LINTFORT Norbert May, Tel. 02842/ 90825131, Mail:

1. Use the room booking application formular: “Antrag auf Überlassung von
Hochschuleinrichtungen bzw. Einrichtungen von Information- und Werbeständen”
2. Put in as much information as possible
e.g. technical things you would like to use (beamer, microphone, waffle irons, water heater, stage,
electricity, toilets, bands, shows etc), snacks or drinks you will be providing. Please write the
information in german, because that was requested from the Facility Management.

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We are trying to help in any way possible.

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