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The Student representatives of the Faculty of Society and Economics

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It is the general mission of the FSRs to help make students’ lives easier at our university. In order to achieve this, the FSR S&E meets on a regular basis to plan events for and discuss issues impacting the student body of the faculty Society and Economics. All meetings are

open to all students of the faculty and students are welcome to join whenever they feel like presenting an idea or asking for help. Students are also free to join FSR meetings if they would simply like to know what is going on in the faculty, or to observe and learn how the FSR works. The FSR particularly encourages students to join the meetings if they wish to be involved with the FSR S&E, either as a future member or a volunteer. Apart from regular meetings that are open to all students of the faculty, the FSR S&E also holds regular events for faculty members. Some events are held in collaboration with other faculties to promote inter-faculty cooperation, and because it’s fun! The more, the merrier, right? 

The recurring events: 

  • Activities during the freshers week 
  • Silent party 
  • Meet the faculty 
  • Beer run 
  • Mulled wine and waffles 

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Thursdays 3-4pm via Skype (more infos on our social media)