The Senate is the main legislative body of the University and is responsible for enacting and amending the University’s central regulations, including the constitution, framework regulations and other official regulations, unless otherwise stated by the Higher Education Act of North Rhine-Westphalia.

What do we do ?

Moreover, the Senate contributes to both the voting in and voting out of members of the Executive Board, and provides an official statement on the annual report of the Executive Board. The Senate also issues official recommendations and statements regarding drafts of the Strategic Development Plan and the institutional contract between the University and the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (Hochschulvertrag), as well regarding evaluation reports, the annual budget and the distribution of both funding and staff positions to the faculties, central institutions and central staff units. Finally, the Senate is also authorised to issue official recommendations and statements regarding matters of research, teaching and academics which affect the entire University or central institutions, or are otherwise considered fundamentally important.

Chair and

Here are Prof. Dr. habil. Gregor van der Beek (Chairperson) and Mia Parker (Vice-Chairperson), entrusted from the senate. 

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As outlined in Section 6 of the Constitution of Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, the Senate consists of 40 members, 25 of whom are formally elected and granted voting power. Of these 25 members, ten are professors, five are members of the academic staff, five are members of the non-academic staff and five are students. The term in office for student members is always one year, while the term in office for the other members with voting power is two years. Besides the members with voting power, the Senate also consists of 15 members without voting power. These members include the Executive Board, the Deans, the Disability Officer, the Special Needs Commissioner for Students with Disabilities or Chronic Illnesses, the staff councils (both academic and non-academic), the head of the General Student Committee (AStA) and the Equal Opportunities Officer.

Representatives from the students

Representatives which are your voice into the senate and fulfill student needs.

Leo Philip  van Ackeren 

Endri Lohja

Alina Muftigazy

Mia Parker (Vice-Chairperson)

Sebastian Recalde Medina


Mia Parker (Vice-chair)

Hi! My name is Mia Parker, I am a student member of the HSRW Senate and the Vice-Chairperson. The student members of the Senate represent the interests of students from all faculties of our university.  As the Senate is the highest legislative organ of our university, there is a lot that can be changed at this level.  I want to invite you to reach out to your student senators & me with everything that you think might be an important issue and should be addressed. Together, we can then find out where it fits best.  Do also write me an email whenever you have questions about the senate or university politics.