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1. LoanThis is everything that needs to be handed in for a complete application.
Name the documents as stated in the brackets.
  • This way we can get an quicker overview to see if all documents are complete and avoid long and misleading names and a longer process time.
  1. Application form of the AStA (application)
  2. Instalment plan for the repayment of the loan (instalment plan) (not needed if you only apply for the 250€ grant from the emergency fund)
  3. Loan contract (contract) → fill it out in accordance with your application and instalment plan. CHECK that the bank details are correct and your reference  (Verwendungszweck) is filled in correctly. Otherwise, the respective creditor might not be able to assign the money to you. (not needed if you only apply for the 250€ grant from the emergency fund)
  4. Proof of enrollment (enrollment)
  5. Performance overview from HIS (grades/credits) (HIS)
  6. Current city registration certificate (registration) (if you cannot get one due to the current situation you can send us a copy of your rental contract instead)
  7. A copy of your valid passport / ID (id)
  8. If you are an international student: residency permit (residency)
  9. Current bank statement from all accounts and credit cards as well as bank statements from the last three months in copy (bank.months, eg: bank.february)
  10. Listing of all your incomes and expenditures (incomes, expenditures)
  11. Where necessary, repayment schedule of other debts (debts)
  12. Bills (bills)
  13. Where necessary rental contract (rental contract)
Please read carefully: Information about the financial support:The student body of the HSRW supports its students financially with the means at its disposal.On application, enrolled students can be granted interest-free loans following the social order (can be found on the university website).
They serve to bridge a financial emergency in the short term.A loan can only be granted for the following purposes:
a) To finance tuition fees
b) To finance health insurance contributions
c) For the settlement of outstanding rent
The loan will be paid out by direct transfer to the respective creditorIn the attachments, you will find the forms and instructions on how to fill out and name the documents to apply for financial support. Please follow the guidelines exactly otherwise your application can’t be forwarded and worked with. Please note that the maximum amount we can give as a loan is 1380€.
Please indicate in your application what amount you’re applying for and how you calculated the amount. Remember, it can only cover the above-mentioned purposes, so for instance 2 x 300 rent April and May + 2 x 100 health insurance April and May = 800€.Also, since the forms are in German, we added a translated/explained version for your understanding.
(This is a ZIP folder, you might need a program like WinRAR to open it)For international students: Note that for the loan, the repayment must be done two months before the end of your residency permit/visa. Please consider this when you fill out the installment plan: So if your visa expires in September, the repayment must be done by July). But do not worry if this seems difficult for you! Once you have extended it, you can easily apply for an extension of the installment.

Here a some places just outside of Kleve you might want to consider during your search for
a new flat:

   1. Emmerich: The bus SB58 (towards Emmerich) leaves every half hour during the
week and every hour on weekends with the latest bus leaving from Kleve at around
23:15 pm.
The bus ride takes you around 25 min from Emmerich to Kleve.
    2. Kranenburg: Also the bus SB58 (but towards Nijmegen). Same thing, every half hour
during the week and every hour on weekends with the last bus leaving Kleve at
around 22 pm.
The bus ride takes around 25 min.
    3. Bedburg-Hau: The Train RE10 towards Düsseldorf takes around 5 minutes to
Bedburg-Hau. The train departs every half an hour until 18:21 pm, and from then on
every hour with the last train leaving at 22:21 pm.
Bus 70
    4. Goch: Also the same train RE10 towards Düsseldorf and takes approx. 16 min.
    5. Weeze and Kevelaer: Same Train RE10 towards Düsseldorf, approx. 22 minutes and
29 minutes
    6. Kalkar: Bus 44 towards Xanten, departs every hour and takes around 20 minutes,
last bus is at 19:08 pm on weekdays, 18:08 pm on weekends
    7. Xanten: Same Bus 44 towards Xanten, around 45 minutes ride

There are a few places that are further away but it is still manageable to reach the university
by taking the bus.
   1. Rheinberg: Bus 1 (towards Rheinberg Ossenberg Kirche) leaves every 30 mins
during the week with the last bus at 22:27pm. On weekends every hour until 21:27
The bus ride takes around 17 minutes.
   2. Moers: Busses 911 (towards Duisburg Ruhrort Verteilerkreis) or SB30 (towards
Duisburg-Hbf Osteingang) leaving every half an hour until 1:09 am on weekdays and
The bus ride takes around 25-30 minutes.
   3. Duisburg: Also Bus SB30 (towards Duisburg-Hbf Osteingang).
The bus ride takes around 40 minutes.
   4. Neukirchen-Vluyn: Bus SB10 (towards DU-Hbf Osteingang) leaves every hour on
weekdays until 17:58 pm.
The bus ride takes around 15 minutes.

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