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Quick Guide to the General Examination Regulations for bachelor’s and master’s degree programs of the Hochschule Rhein-Waal and Examination Regulations

The General Examination Regulations were created according to the Hochschulgesetz of North Rhine Westphalia and set the underlying conditions for all for all bachelor’s and master’s degree programs of the Hochschule Rhein-Waal. It decrees specific Examination Regulations  for every bachelor’s and master’s degree program which complete the General Examination Regulations. That means, for example, the general admission requirements are formulated in §4 of the General Examination Regulations. The precise admission requirements for the bachelor’s degree program “Sustainable Tourism” are completed by the Examination Regulations of this program. “Sustainable Tourism” for example requires potential students to have a knowledge of German of the level B2. 

Links to the General Examination Regulations and the specific Examination Regulations for all bachelor’s and master’s degree programs can be found in the column on the right side of the page.

The General Examination Regulations include the following points, which may be specified in the Examination Regulations: 

  1. Objectives of study, purpose of examination, degree
  2. Structure of the studies and structure of the examinations 
  3. Standard study period, workload
  4. General admission requirements for bachelor’s and master’s programmes 
  5. Outline Bachelor’s and Master’s Examination, Credit System
  6. Examination Board
  7. Examiner and observers
  8. Crediting of study and examination achievements
  9. Evaluation of examination performance
  10. Exam repetitions
  11. Withdrawal of tests, deception and breach of regulations
  12. Accompanying examinations, aim, scope and form
  13. Accompanying examinations, approval and implementation 
  14. Written examinations
  15. Electronic examinations 
  16. Oral examinations 
  17. Assignments, project or term papers
  18. Certificates
  19. Practical semester 
  20. Semester abroad 
  21. Admission and evaluation of the thesis (Bachelor’s thesis and Master’s thesis) 
  22. Colloquium 
  23. Final Grade
  24. Degree certificate
  25. Additional examinations
  26. Viewing of Examinations
  27. Nullification of examinations

General Examination Regulations: https://www.hochschule-rhein-waal.de/sites/default/files/documents/2018/09/06/2018-09-06_general_examination_regulations_for_degree_programmes_at_hsrw.pdf

Examination Regulations of the faculty Technology and Bionics: https://www.hochschule-rhein-waal.de/en/university/organisation/statutes-and-regulations/examination-regulations/technology-and-bionics 

Examination Regulations of the faculty Life Sciences: https://www.hochschule-rhein-waal.de/en/university/organisation/statutes-and-regulations/examination-regulations/life-sciences

Examination Regulations of the faculty Society and Economics: https://www.hochschule-rhein-waal.de/en/university/organisation/statutes-and-regulations/examination-regulations/society-and-economics

Examination Regulations of the faculty Communication and Environment: https://www.hochschule-rhein-waal.de/en/university/organisation/statutes-and-regulations/examination-regulations/communication-and

In case that you are planning an event on-campus, you have to forward the following information to
your campus representative at least 5 weeks ahead of the respective event.
For bigger events (several dass or Mord than 50 participants), please get in touch with the Facility
Management and AStA for a meeting beforehand (bring concept & plan of the day).
Contact person:
KLEVE Frau Birgit Solberg , Tel. 02821/ 806739788, Mail: birgit.solberg@hochschule-rhein-waal.de
KAMP LINTFORT Norbert May, Tel. 02842/ 90825131, Mail: Norbert.may@hochschule-rhein-waal.de

1. Use the room booking application formular: “Antrag auf Überlassung von
Hochschuleinrichtungen bzw. Einrichtungen von Information- und Werbeständen”
2. Put in as much information as possible
e.g. technical things you would like to use (beamer, microphone, waffle irons, water heater, stage,
electricity, toilets, bands, shows etc), snacks or drinks you will be providing. Please write the
information in german, because that was requested from the Facility Management.
Put in your name and phone number as a contact person
Some Additional information:

  ● Events must normally end before 10pm; You are responsible for cleaning up otherwise we
will get a fine and the facility management will not allow any further events on Campus.
  ● The AStA Board and especially your campus representative and therefore the AStA is liable
for this event. So please inform them, so they can answer any questions from the facility
  ● Applications in relation to events where alcoholic drinks are being sold must include

a permission (see http://www.kleve.de/de/dienstleistungen/gestattung/ or https://www.kamp-
lintfort.de/de/dienstleistungen/gestattung-voruebergehender-g aststaettenbetriebe/ for

details). It might take up to two weeks for it being issued and costs 40€.
  ● Applications in relation to open air events must include additional permissions.It might
take up to two weeks for it being issued.
  ● If you are having an event where there will be a lot of trash, order trash bins from the USK
(costs: ca. 50€)
  ● Not all the university ground is actually university ground, sometimes you need a
confirmation from the city. Be very specific which areas you want to use. (E.g. the grass
area next to Audimax is city ground and we need to get a permission from the city as well)

3. Don’t sign it! Send it to your campus representative via asta@hsrw.org.
4. Wait until you get the permission from your campus rep!
Before that: You are not allowed to advertise/publish your event on social media or posters.
If there are any questions, please write a mail to: asta@hsrw.org

Academic Leave of Absence
Students are eligible to apply for academic leave of absence if specific, important reasons
compel them to interrupt their normal studies (see below; also refer to Section 9 of the
Enrolment Regulations [Einschreibungsordnung] of Rhine-Waal University of Applied
Sciences). An academic leave of absence replaces re-registration, while allowing you to retain
your student status.
While on a leave of absence, you aren’t eligible to earn credit points by completing coursework
or examinations. This does not apply, however, to students on a leave of absence due to active
involvement in the care and upbringing of children, or due to providing medical care and
support for next of kin.
An Application for a Leave of Absence must be submitted by no later than 10 May for the
summer semester and 10 November for the winter semester. Applications due to illness or
pregnancy may be filed after these deadlines, however.
Important reasons for academic leave of absence include, in particular:
    a. Undertaking a year-long voluntary ecological service or voluntary social service
(corresponding proof is required)
    b. Illness (requires a medical certificate issued by a doctor, stating that you’re unable to
pursue your normal studies in a specific semester. Details of the medical condition(s)
are not required)
    c. Pregnancy (requires your prenatal record [Mutterpass] or a medical certificate issued
by a doctor)
    d. Active involvement in the care and upbringing of children according to Section 25 (5)
of the German Federal Training Assistance Act [Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz]
(requires submission of a birth certificate and, if applicable, a current confirmation of
registration for an address [Meldebescheinung] indicating that both you and your child
are registered at the same address)
    e. Enrolment at a foreign university or language school, unrelated to the mandatory study
abroad semester required by the relevant examination regulations (corresponding
proof required)
    f. Committing to practical training which serves the aims and objectives of your degree
(corresponding proof required)
   g. Providing medical care and support for next of kin (requires a medical certificate issued
by a doctor, indicating that the student is the designated caregiver. The anticipated
length of care must also clearly be indicated.)
   h. Serving a prison sentence (corresponding proof is required)
Unless reasons a), b) or c) apply, an academic leave of absence cannot be granted for the first
semester, nor can a leave of absence be granted retroactively for a semester.
Academic leaves of absence are granted for one semester. Extensions of one semester are
possible, provided an aforementioned important reason applies.
As outlined in Section 5 (2)(d) of the Semester Fee Regulations [Beitragsordnung], students
on a leave of absence are also exempted from paying the fee for the SemesterTicket. The
mandatory student body contribution, the social services contribution and the fee for the
support of university sports remain unaffected.

You’re also eligible to keep your SemesterTicket for the duration of your academic leave,
provided you’ve paid the full semester fee. This must be indicated on your application.
If you filed an Application for a Leave of Absence after the semester re-registration deadline,
the SemesterTicket fee can only be refunded until the official start of the lectures. Before a
refund can be approved, you must submit your approved application for academic leave and
return your current SemesterTicket.
Application forms can be downloaded here:
       Application for a Refund of the SemesterTicket fee
       Application for Academic Leaves of Absence

Waiving the SemesterTicket Fee
Please note: The semester fee must be paid within the re-registration deadline, regardless of
the reason for your request to waive the Regional and NRW Ticket Fee. If you have already
paid the full semester fee, you can request a refund of the overpaid amount once your Fee
Waiver Request has been approved. Please find the Refund Request form here.
Please also take into account that the SemesterTicket cannot be paid for and issued at a
later point during the semester.

For mandatory internships/exchange semesters
If you’re planning a mandatory internship or exchange outside of North Rhine-Westphalia
(NRW) as part of your degree programme and thus won’t need your SemesterTicket, you’re
eligible to apply for a temporary exemption. This application for an exemption requires an
approved internship/exchange semester application. Find out more about the
internship/exchange semester, the requirements and how to apply here.
As soon as your application for admission to the internship/exchange semester has been
approved, you may file a Request to Waive the Fee of the Regional and NRW Ticket
(SemesterTicket). Please fill in the relevant parts of the request form and submit it by email to

Please note that the completed request form must be submitted before the semester re-
registration deadline, pursuant to Section 5 (2) of the Beitragsordnung der Studierendenschaft

(Semester Fee Regulations of the Student Body). For questions, please contact the Student
Advisory Service directly:

For a thesis, voluntary study-related stay abroad and cases of severe disability
If you are planning to write your thesis, or to go on a voluntary, study-related stay abroad (i.e.
not required by your degree), or if you are entitled to free travel on public transport due to a
severe disability, you can also file a request to waive the SemesterTicket fee. Applications
must be submitted within the semester re-registration deadline. You can download the
application form here.
When applying for a waiver for the SemesterTicket fee, please attach a copy of your
approved application for admission to the bachelor’s or master’s thesis as well as
additional proof that you will not be living in NRW while writing your thesis, e.g.
registration confirmation of a new address [Meldebescheinigung], a rental contract or a
letter of confirmation from the company where you will be writing your thesis.

If you didn’t apply for admission to the bachelor’s or master’s thesis before the semester’s
re-registration deadline, you can still submit this additional required proof until the official
start of the lectures (i.e. day before official begin of the lecture period according to the NRW
Ministry of Culture and Science) according to Section 5 (2) of the Beitragsordnung der
Studierendenschaft. Please note that your waiver request cannot be approved until you
submit this additional proof.
In the event that you don’t submit your application for admission to the thesis before the
re-registration deadline, please transfer the full semester fee first, and then apply for a
refund of the SemesterTicket fee at a later time. In this case the refund will amount to
€208.38. You can download the application form for a refund here. Please submit this form
before the re-registration deadline (but no later than the official start of the lectures)
together with the Request to Waive the Fee of the Regional and NRW ticket. If you have
already received a SemesterTicket for the upcoming semester, make sure you return the
ticket as soon as possible, but no later than the official start of the lectures. The fee cannot
be refunded unless your ticket has been returned by this date.
Waiving the ticket fee because of a colloquium taking place in the upcoming semester is
not covered by the Beitragsordnung der Studierendenschaft and therefore not possible.
  Voluntary study-related stay abroad (not the mandatory internship/exchange
Please submit a copy of the admission letter issued by the foreign university or the
internship confirmation issued by the company abroad together with your waiver request
 Students with a disability/entitlement to free public transport
Please attach a copy of your disability ID card (front and back) and the certificate confirming
that you can’t use public transport due to a disability to your waiver request form. If you are
entitled to free travel on public transportation, please attach a copy of your entitlement to
free public transport.

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